Holiday Show Info

What you need to know!

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When is the studio rehearsal and photo day?   Please see your class sheet for specific time (class sheets will be available Nov 1). 

Classes will be working on choreography within their regular class time. At this time we will put the whole show together in one big rehearsal and classes will be assigned a 15 - 30 minute rehearsal time. Students will be able to take individual photos after their class rehearsal. 

When is the show?  

We are working on reserving dates with Olympia High now. Tentatively plan for the third week in Dec.  We will have confirmed dates and times soon. 

Does  every class perform in the Holiday Show?

YES!  They may not be eligible to be in a lead role, but all performance participating classes will be in the Holiday Show!  They will learn their assigned part and choreography within their enrolled class.

My child is enrolled in a TECH class.  Can they still perform?

Unfortunately no.  Those classes are ONLY for technique of that dance genre and do not participate in the Holiday Show or the Spring Recital.  Check out the schedule on our website or speak to the front desk about enrolling in a class that participates in our amazing performances!

My child is in several classes.  How many costumes do I have to buy?

Each enrolled student who will be participating in the Holiday Show will be required to be in one dance and purchase one costume.  It is the family's choice to participate in more class routines, therefore purchasing additional costumes.  More information on costumes will be given to you as we are still casting the Holiday Show.

My child got a LEAD ROLE!! YAY!!  Do they still have to purchase a costume?

The LEAD ROLE costumes are provided by the studio.  However, if your child was awarded a lead role, they are still an enrolled student who will be participating in the Holiday Show, therefore will be required to perform with one of their classes and purchase one costume like all other students.

Lead role auditions Sept 21!

Every dancer that is designated  level 2 or higher is eligible to audition for a lead role in the holiday show.  Lead roles are required to attend Saturday rehearsals and will have Saturday rehearsals in December.

Audition Date & Time: 

Saturday, Sept 21, 1 - 3pm 

Audition Cost:


Lead Role Cost:

$55 (includes all rehearsals and costume)

The Perfect Ballet Bun

Stage Makeup for Young Dancers

Stage Maekup for Teens & Adults

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