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Our Story

Hello my name is Hannah Taylor-Kormondy and I am the owner of South Sound Dance in Tumwater, Washington. We are a local small business and opened our dance studio just five years ago. Starting with just 21 students, 1 studio room and 2 teachers, we have grown to 275 students, 2 studios, and a staff of 9 and we are quickly running out of space!  Our hallways are crowded, parking is terrible, and our current location is not able to serve our families or community well.  While the business is growing every year we simply do not have the capital to fund a new commercial build out to meet our needs. Commercial building costs are extremely high which is why many small business owners cannot own or build their own space and why we see more and more corporate businesses throughout our community.  City project and planning costs as well as permits can easily run a small business owner upward of 100K just to get a project started.  That is where we need your help!

We have found an existing 6,000 sq. foot facility that can meet the needs of our dance studio, and it is my intention to build and create a new, creative, and safe space for students, families, and the community! In order to purchase and renovate the building we are campaigning to raise $50,000 or more! This money will not only help to begin our project, but it will serve our community by supporting local small business, providing a safe after school performing arts center for students in the area, and will bring performing arts and arts education to the forefront of Tumwater and South Sound communities. 

Your contribution will help turn my dream of creating a performing arts center for Tumwater into a reality - offering more dance and movement classes, theater, and vocal lessons all under one roof to both children and adults.  It will create a safe space for children to go after school to develop their minds and bodies with artistic and kin-esthetic awareness and will help connect people with each other directly instead of through screens.  These kids absolutely need safe creative spaces like our dance studio especially with the loss of arts funding from public schools.

Your donation can help a child find their passion, find a voice, and find a connection!  Your donation can help a student go to college with a scholarship! Your donation can create healthy body awareness for an adult! Your donation can change our community so please consider the below!

What We Need & What You Get

Here it is guys.... broken down for you. 

  • In order to buy a building and have enough for a build out the studio will need a loan of between $600,000 to a $1,000,000.  A down payment for such a loan with the help of the SBA will be $60,000 and $100,000. Crazy! But keep in mind, this will provide more class offerings, more jobs, more smiling faces in our building every day... you see it, right?!
  • Perks for donating!
    •  Give any amount and get a button as a contributing member! 
    •  Give over $50, the above and you will be entered into a raffle to win an SSD SWAG item of your choice!
    • Give over $100, all of the above and yours or your child's hand print will go on a piece of artwork for the new studio!
    • Give over $200, all of the above and a free 30 minute private lesson with me the owner! (Businesses that give at this level will receive advertisement on our TV monitors in the new building for 3 months)
    • Give over $500+, all of the above and yours or your child's name etched in the new building (Businesses that give at this level will receive advertisement on our TV monitors in the new building for 6 months).
    • $1000+, all of the above with and special mention on our website and social media, printed programs, and at the annual Holiday Show and Spring Recital (Business will receive advertisement on our TV monitors for a full year).
  • If we do not reach our entire goal, funds will still go toward the build out of a new facility even if we are leasing. 

The Impact

I have already told you how you can shape a person's life. Here are some words directly from our students and families. 

  • "The instructors here are amazing and so caring and so talented and our experience has been wonderful in discovering and fostering his passion... Thank you so much Hannah and Anna for helping Sam find his thing." - Liz Boot
  • "We've been so happy to have found South Sound Dance and become part of the community here. Each dancer feels like they are a personal project of the studio... so positive, giving, and supportive of each other. We couldn't have asked for a better experience for Emma." - Wyatt Ehrlander
  • "There are classes for everyone and whether you have aspirations to be a professional dancer or are totally new to dance, you'll be welcomed with open arms." - Amy Briggs

Risks & Challenges

There is a risk that we will not meet this goal and that it will take longer for our business to move into a new location. However, with our growth rate and our business strategies I know we will find the right building and be able to make a move in the next year or two if this building does not work out. This money no matter what will contribute to a new performing arts  space for the Tumwater community. This is an on-going fundraiser that will continue until we are in the new space!

Other Ways You Can Help

We understand if you cannot contribute and in no way want to make you feel like you cannot THE WORD! Talk about us at a party, let your family know, share this campaign on your social media and let people know that they can help students, connect people, and potentially change many lives! Support the arts, support South Sound Dance!

We are so grateful to each and every one of you for bringing your children into our lives! And we are so honored that we get to share in your journey with them and help guide them to be their very best self!

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